Jonathon King

Eye of Vengeance

""...a really enjoyable and interesting read." "


When a convicted murderer is dramatically gunned down with a single bullet to the head, crime reporter Nick Mullins covers the story. Nick is no stranger to scenes of violence and loss, but a coincidence immediately draws him to the investigation - the victim was a featured subject in one of his own news stories.

Nick is still struggling with the aftermath of another crime; a car accident caused by a drunk driver that had killed his wife and one of their two daughters. Now, with a nine year old to raise alone, Nick is trying to balance single-fatherhood with a career that puts him daily into the darkest corners of death and justice.

Soon this new shooting leads to another discovery. Researching his past stories, Nick finds that, months earlier, a man he exposed as a murderer was killed in his car. The MO, a single gun shot to the head. And when a third man Nick has written about is murdered, it becomes clear that a serial sniper is on the loose - and Nick is the one leading the killer to his targets.

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Eye of Vengeance was an easy introduction to Jonathan King. The book lacked any real pace as the identity of the sniper is revealed early on, but this does not detract from the quality of the story - or the writing. I found it surprising and unusual for the main character to be a newspaper reporter that I could actually empathise with, rather than being someone who is totally focussed on 'hitting the deadline and getting the story'. Eye of Vengeance is a powerful story about loss, revenge and forgiveness, and is a really enjoyable and interesting read.

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