TJ O’Connor

Dying To Know

"...highly entertaining and completely addictive."


After 15 years as a detective, Oliver 'Tuck' Tucker is more used to being on the right side of the gun, but after finding himself as an earthbound spirit after being shot dead in his own home, Tuck knows he has stayed behind for a reason. He has the murder case of his life to solve - his own.

With the help of his new ghostly skills, Tuck will learn that the living are far more terrifying than the dead, as he pieces together foggy memories and eerie premonitions in order to be able to save his wife, bring his killer to justice and lay some age old spirits to rest.

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It was a dark and stormy afternoon, when I settled down to read 'Dying To Know' and it turned out to be the perfect antidote to the cold wintery weather outside. I enjoy a good cosy crime novel every now and then as a break from my usual 'gritty' reads, but that doesn't stop me from expecting a well plotted mystery which is exactly what this book delivered. It's got all of the elements you expect in any good mystery, betrayal, intrigue and murder along with family feuds, bitter rivalries, mob bosses, hired hit men and villainous industrialists. All that and a historical twist, another ancient mystery that unfolds concurrently with the main storyline. I found 'Dying To Know' to be highly entertaining and completely addictive. It's a great debut into a competitive section of the crime genre and hopefully the first of many in this 'Gumshoe Ghost Mystery' series.

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