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Janice Keene is a good mother. She will do what she must to ensure that her daughter, Diana has a perfect life, just as perfect as the one they've led for the past seven years. No matter who has to die.

The simplest beginnings can unravel a life. For Sam Capra, it is the moment a beautiful young woman walks into his San Francisco bar. Sam doesn't want trouble. An ex-CIA agent, his only desire now is to build a quiet, peaceful home for himself and his infant son. But Diana Keene is no ordinary customer. She's pursued by two gunmen, and when she finds Sam, she whispers an urgent, desperate plea: 'Help me.'

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Ex-CIA, Sam Capra returns for his third outing in Abbott's latest book, 'Downfall'. Sam is still managing the bars on behalf of the Round Table, an altruistic organisation of influential people that have grouped together to keep the world safe from others that may wish to do harm. 'Downfall' raises the questions of not only how far would a person go to become successful, but also what would they do to maintain that success and keep their family safe. Although the plot is fast paced and sees Sam Capra take on those that are trying to harm him, I felt the plot not as believable as it could have been. Whilst it may be possible there are people in the world who are able to help others as John Belias has helped, somehow it lacked any plausibility. The book was still an enjoyable read, as are all books written by Abbott. However, I feel that perhaps Capra either needs to save the world on a less grand scale, or even be retired. Sam is an ideal protagonist - quick thinking, inventive and able to adapt. And whilst I would like to see him return, unless the story lines become somewhat simpler, I feel he will lose his way and become nothing more than a parody. To be able to fully understand what is happening and why to Sam and his colleagues, it would be beneficial to read the previous two novels that feature Capra. There is a lot of history between him and Mila, together with his Round Table connections that are only briefly mentioned in 'Downfall'. Any newcomer may not understand Capra's reasoning behind his actions. Overall I found 'Downfall' to be an easy book to read, and one that I was unable to put down although I was left with a slight taste of disappointment with the ending. I am hopeful the next book from Abbott brings him back up to his usual high standard.

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