Beverly Barton

Don’t Cry

"..I found ‘Don’t Cry’ to be a fascinating story which has been carefully plotted."


Victims are posed in macabre positions at crime scenes. They appear to be still alive but are merely arranged to satisfy a twisted killer's delusions.

Grief counsellor Audrey Sherrod soon realises the killings are the work of a deranged serial killer. The first link is the victims' physical similarities but soon another stronger link emerges and it's one which hits horrifyingly close to home for Dr Sherrod. As the truth is discovered by Agent J.D. Cass of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, things become more twisted and terrifying than anyone dare imagine.

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This book evoked mixed feelings in me as I read it. I loved the mystery and intrigue which Barton laid out for my enjoyment. What I didn't enjoy so much was the detailed romantic interludes. Now don't get me wrong I'm not made of stone and I like it when a hero or heroine finds love. There was just too much focus on personal relationships for my tastes, although in fairness to the author I have to say that these interludes were very well done. Putting that aside, I found 'Don't Cry' to be a fascinating story which has been carefully plotted. Barton gives you enough information for the amateur detective to kick in and start suspecting various characters. One by one the suspect list grows and changes as the ever shifting focus keeps you guessing. The final reveal was almost unexpected to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the plot gripped me. Dr Sherrod, J.D. and J.D.'s daughter Zoe are all very well drawn characters although a part of me wonders if the leads were a little clichéd as they ticked all the right boxes for crime and romance novels. To sum up, this was an overall enjoyable read which entertained me. Any failings I found in the novel are nothing more than a reflection of my personal tastes. I would read another book by Barton as the positives far outweighed the negatives.

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