Kathy Reichs

Devil Bones

"Tempe Brennan is one feisty woman."


Tempe Brennan is back in Charlotte. She is enjoying University teaching, but finding meetings and internal politics tedious. She is therefore almost relieved when called to investigate an underground chamber discovered in a rundown house where there is a skull found amongst evidence of a religious ritual.

Her investigation confirms that the skull belongs to a young black female. Later, another find is of a headless body, carved with Satanic designs. Tempe finds herself involved with seemingly innocent followers of Wicca, together with other more sinister supporters of black magic. At the same time she is in conflict with a local politician who leads a campaign against all supporters of the occult, often without any grounds. It all starts to turn very nasty, and Tempe finds herself in some very dangerous situations.

At the same time her relationships with both her ex-husband Pete and her Canadian boyfriend, Ryan, are not going well. When an old friend, Charlie, comes on the scene, she contemplates a future with him. Who knows what will happen!

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Tempe is back in her comfort zone. Kathy Reichs' command of the scientific facts and background to these investigations is superb, and probably cannot be bettered. This knowledge is what makes the books so good. We have an insight into how apparently obscure details can be discovered, and we experience a vicarious pleasure in the skill and expertise she displays. Tempe Brennan is one feisty woman who has so much going for her but still makes mistakes, particularly in her emotional life. The plot is exciting and moves along quickly, although I still find that the voice of Tempe Brennan is sometimes a bit slick and the frequent use of short staccato phrases grates slightly, particularly at the beginning of the book. It was a most enjoyable book and I, as always, look forward to the next one.

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