Darren E. Laws

Dark Country

"The plotting is sublime throughout..."


Three related famous country and western singers are kidnapped over a period of 50 years. Only one body has ever been found.

Battling a debilitating illness, FBI agent Georgina O'Neil joins forces with newly licensed private investigator, Leroy La Portiere to find Susan Dark, the latest in the Dark family to go missing as she is on the verge of national stardom. But Georgina's search for the truth is hampered by an illness which is affecting her judgement. Is there one perpetrator or is this a series of elaborate copycat crimes?

The hunt to find Susan leads them deep into a densely forested area as they follow a bloody trail and a deadly cat and mouse pursuit that will have fatal consequences for all.

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'Dark Country' is a twisted tale of loss and kidnapping. That the crimes span half a century and target a specific family made it one of the more intriguing titles on Mount To-Be-Read. Not once was I disappointed with the promise made by the blurb on the back. From first page until last, I was hooked as I followed Georgina & Leroy's struggles to get to the truth. The plotting is sublime throughout and I freely admit to not being able to guess who was behind the kidnappings, such is Laws' talent for misdirection and trickery. The prose in Dark Country is beautifully formed to the point of almost being lyrical at times. This quality coupled with a unique author's voice makes 'Dark Country' an engaging read which will by turn challenge and entertain. The lead characters carry the story well between them which is no easy task and I found myself drawn to peripheral characters more than is usual for me. All in all, 'Dark Country' is a wonderfully memorable read which will stay with me for many nights to come.

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