Zoe Sharp

Dancing on the Grave

"Sharp’s plotting skills are sublime.."


There's a killer on the loose in the Lake District, and the calm of an English summer is shattered.

For newly qualified crime-scene investigator, Grace McColl, it's both the start of a nightmare and the chance to prove herself after a mistake that cost a life.

For Detective Constable Nick Weston, recently transferred from London, it's an opportunity to recover his nerve after a disastrous undercover operation that left him for dead.

And for a lonely, loveless teenage girl, Edith, it's the start of a twisted fantasy—one she never dreamed might come true.

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Long time readers of this site will know of my love of Sharp's writing, and also of the high expectations I have of my favourite authors. With 'Dancing on the Grave', Sharp has not only delivered her best book yet, she's also written a thoroughly gripping thriller which redefines the term unputdownable. The twin leads of Grace and Nick are wonderfully drawn and the interplay between them and the supporting characters is never less than engrossing. Each has their own agenda and back story, but it is the way they work together while dealing with their separate issues which kept me turning the pages. All of the support characters were expertly created, none more so than Edith. Sharp's plotting skills are sublime as she caught me time and again with the various twists and revelation that were seeded throughout the story. There was also a fair amount of social commentary interwoven into the plot and I have to say that I agree with the points Sharp was trying to make. 'Dancing on the Grave' is the kind of book which makes the bath water go cold around you and hours fly by as you inhabit the world of Grace and Nick.

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