James Patterson

Criss Cross

""You will race through this book and only come up for air when the last page is turned." "


Could a ghost from his past take everything away from Alex Cross?

Mere hours after witnessing the execution of a killer he helped put behind bars, Alex Cross is called to the scene of a copycat murder. A note signed 'M' rests on the corpse: 'You messed up big time, Dr. Cross.'

Was an innocent man just put to death? As the executed convict's family launch a vicious campaign against Cross, his abilities as a detective are called into question.

The enigmatic 'M' lures Cross out of Washington, DC to the sites of multiple homicides, all marked with distressingly familiar details that conjure up decades-old cases and Cross family secrets.

Details that make it clear M is after a prize so dear that – were the killer to attain it – Cross's life would be destroyed.

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Well, what can I say about Patterson's books that I haven't already said? The man has a writing machine behind him and is one of the biggest selling authors in the world. Having said that, not every book hits the spot, but I feel that having started out with Alex Cross all those years ago, and yes, I was one of those who was buying Cross books back in the day when he first made his appearance, Patterson has a certain love and respect for his creation. I feel that Patterson also keeps the best plots for Alex Cross, and quite rightly too! 'Criss Cross' is another rollercoaster ride in the Cross household, involving his whole family. Now and again, Patterson slows down the pace, especially when dealing with Cross family stuff such as Jannie's potential running career, but quickly the race is back on and Cross and co are running around after the elusive 'M' who is a slippery as the proverbial eel! Why has 'M' got it in for Cross? Not even Cross can fathom that out even when he comes face to face with his latest nemesis. I won't tell you the why, but as with the superb 'Cross Your Heart' and 'Hope To Die', things are certainly not resolved by the end of this book and you can be guaranteed that round two with 'M' wil be coming to your bookstore very soon! I enjoy these two-parter books as it allows Patterson to produce a full-rounded villain who really gets under Cross' skin. 'Criss Cross' is Patterson at his best with a menacing villain and a labyrinthine plot. You will race through this book and only come up for air when the last page is turned.

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