Col Bury

Cops of Manchester

"…thoroughly entertaining and great value for money."


Ever fancied being a cop?

Could you handle the pressure of hunting down a vigilante who is killing criminals at a ferocious rate? Consider how you would deliver a death message to a distraught parent. Would you protect the public by tailing a gangster's vehicle, knowing the occupants were armed? Or follow a suspect into a dark alley? How would years of dealing with society's appalling, and often violent, underbelly affect you? And, does anyone really like a bent cop?

Love them or loathe them, cops run toward danger as everyone else flees.

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Col Bury returns to our kindles with a second collection of tightly written short stories and flash fiction pieces. Each one is a masterpiece of brevity which hurtles the reader along his narrative at warp speed. Take it from me: Col Bury could inject pace and urgency into a tortoise derby. The reader is treated to an eclectic mix of stories which are neatly tied together by the common threads of Manchester and the police. While the one or two which contained elements of horror weren't exactly to my taste, I found the collection thoroughly entertaining and great value for money.

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