Chris Nickson

Come the Fear

""...‘Come the Fear’ is a marvellous stepping-on platform for this fresh series. " "


Set in Leeds, 1733, this is a story about Richard Nottingham, Constable of the city, and his investigation into the death of a young woman found in the ashes of a burnt-out house. Nottingham, an honest and conscientious man, works hard to discover who the girl is and who is responsible for her death. As the story goes on the plight of the poor girl emerges as she has had an unhappy life, taken advantage of by many.

Nottingham keeps a close eye on the happenings in the city he loves, and he is disturbed when new characters enter into the underclass with their own interests at heart. The equilibrium of the city is being disturbed. Nottingham's essential humanity feeds all his decisions, both in work and in his close family relationships.

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Eighteenth century Leeds is clearly and lovingly described in this book. As always in historical fiction a great deal of information about life at the time is absorbed, and fascinating it is too. The atmosphere of daily life is brought to life by Nickson and I learnt a lot about the keeping of the peace at that time. Nottingham and his friends and family are an entertaining and sympathetic crew. The family ties and the relationships amongst them are the backdrop to the story and make it even more enjoyable. Definitely the sort you want to hear more about in the next book. The villains, products partly of their environment, and their poor victims who do not appear to have much of a chance in life, are brilliantly described and brought to life. I greatly enjoyed this book and 'Come the Fear' is a marvellous stepping-on platform for this fresh series. I will definitely look out for the next instalment featuring Richard Nottingham with relish.

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