Imogen Robertson

Circle of Shadows

"Circle of Shadows’ is a masterly addition to an already highly addictive series."


In this book, the fourth of the series, Gabriel Crowther and Harriet Westerman are forced out of their cosy and safe life in Sussex into the middle of seventeenth century European intrigue. Harriet’s sister, Rachel is spending time travelling in Europe with her new husband, Daniel Clode, when news comes that Daniel has been arrested for murder in the Duchy of Maulberg, part of the Holy Roman Empire. Harriet and Gabriel, together with a party of friends and supporters, set off to the rescue.

They find themselves in the middle of a complicated web of secret societies, family intrigue and not least Harriet’s old adversary, the castrato Manzerotti. Daniel is extremely confused in prison after being arrested for the murder of a favoured lady at court. Convinced of his innocence, Harriet and Gabriel manage to have him released, but they are committed to finding out who is behind the series of murders that have ensued.

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The old delights of this series continue as we learn more about the character of Harriet Westerman as she battles to save her sister’s husband. Harriett is feisty, determined, resourceful and honest. She gradually learns to revise her previous opinion of the castrato Manzerotti, although never completely won over. She is a very real character who develops as the book progresses. Gabriel also develops throughout the book as he comes to realise that his solitary life of study is not as satisfying as he had previously thought. With ‘Circle of Shadows’, Harriett and Gabriel pursue their investigations in middle Europe and for me learning about the curious world of the small German nation states gave me as much enjoyment as the crime at the centre of Robertson’s novel. The secret societies allied to Freemasonry are wonderfully explored, and the ingenuity of the manufacture of the wonderful automata is revealed. You can tell that Robertson’s careful research is put to good use, but it is very cleverly integrated into the exciting story line which for me added to the enjoyment of this book and gave it an extra dimension. As always with this series - character, plot and historical background meld perfectly together to provide a completely satisfying whole. In my eyes Robertson is fast becoming a name to watch in crime fiction and this latest will surely garner her many more fans around the world. ‘Circle of Shadows’ is a masterly addition to an already highly addictive series.

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