Peter Robinson

Children of the Revolution

"Peter Robinson is a master of his craft and I always enjoy the anticipation when a new book comes out..."


An ex-college lecturer is discovered dead on a railway line near his small cottage. He has been living a hand to mouth existence yet is found with £500 in his pocket. When DCI Banks and his team begin their investigation they find that the victim was asked to leave his job after complaints of harassment by two of his female students. Further investigation shows this to have been more complicated than appeared at first sight and the lecturer had made some bad enemies and only one good friend.

When links are found to the beautiful wife of an influential theatre producer, Banks is strongly urged by the powers that be to leave well alone. Of course, he doesn't. Unpleasant truths about the victim's colleagues and particularly about secrets rooted in the past emerge as the story proceeds. As always DCI Banks has to work a balancing act keeping his officers on board but he manages to keep all the balls in play until the last moment.

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DCI Banks is a good old-fashioned detective with a softer side. The story is all, and this one does not disappoint. Set in Yorkshire and describing some of the typical characters of the region, Peter Robinson creates an environment for Banks which is totally believable and reassuring. Annie Cabot, Winsome and now Gerry Masterson are all part of the on going story and develop in time, as does Banks himself. One of the reasons I like Peter Robinson's books so much is that I am interested in what happens to all of his characters. Robinson has such a great talent for making them all behave in a very convincing way. The author finesses the plot of his latest book to provide an exciting and tense finale. Peter Robinson is a master of his craft and I always enjoy the anticipation when a new book comes out as to my mind his books get stronger and stronger with each outing.

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