Robert Galbraith

Career of Evil

" exciting series that cannot be missed."


Robin Ellacot, assistant to private detective Cormoran Strike, arrives at work in the tiny office in Denmark Street and starts on her first job of opening the post. Only this time she finds a human leg in a parcel addressed to her. Strike's past has a host of possible suspects but he homes in on four main characters who would be likely to carry out such a vile deed. The police plump for the obvious one but Strike doesn't agree with their judgement call and sets off on a nationwide search that takes him all over the country. More horrific acts occur and it becomes apparent that Robin is being targeted.

Alongside this dangerous and exciting action, Robin (or at least her mother) is planning the details of her forthcoming wedding to her long time fiancé, Matthew. Relations with Matthew are very stormy and it is obvious to everyone except the two participants that this marriage is not a good idea. Strike also is enjoying a half- hearted relationship with a very rich but unexciting girl. Underpinning the weird and devious workings of the murderer's mind are the lyrics of the band Blue Oyster Cult.

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In this latest book we learn more of the back story of both Strike and Robin. This goes a long way to explaining why Robin has ended up with Matthew, but Cormoran's upbringing and awful family history makes me wonder how he came out of it with any kind of normality. The story is very dark in places as drug addiction, paedophilia and horrendous psychological dysfunctions are described. I particularly liked the details that we are given about the various scenes and people described. A brilliant eye for detail in both character and location bring a depth of colour to the writing. It is also quite funny in a few places with throwaway lines making a joke of the macabre. Galbraith handles the intricate and complicated plotting brilliantly. The main suspects are all examined in great detail and one by one the real murderer is revealed after an exciting and nail-biting finish. 'Career of Evil' is Galbraith's latest gripping instalment, upping the stakes and making this an exciting series that cannot be missed.

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