Jonathan Kellerman

Capital Crimes

"… a highly enjoyable read and a worthy addition to the Kellerman collaboration."


Following a similar format to their previous collaboration, Double Homicide, this new book from Faye and Jonathan Kellerman consists of two discrete stories set in the US cities of Berkeley and Nashville. The thriller set in the university city of Berkeley involves the murder of Davida Grayson, a lesbian politician who has been campaigning to open up research on aborted foetuses. Despite being in a steady relationship it is clear that the politician has a hidden life far more complex than any of her family or friends are aware of. What seems, at first, to be a politically motivated killing looks like it has its origins closer to home.

In contrast, the second story takes us to Nashville, where a legendary country musician, Jack Jeffries, is found murdered before a comeback concert. Having recently overcome his fear of flying, it is cruel twist of fate, which sees him murdered in a deserted street. However Jeffries convoluted past means that there is an array of suspects that detectives Southerby and Van Gundy have to investigate to explain the brutal killing.

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As a fan of both Faye and Jonathan Kellerman, I enjoyed this new collaboration immensely. The stories are best approached as two separate novellas as the common thematic device of setting the stories in two US cities is, in effect, peripheral to the plots. The style of the stories will be familiar to Kellerman readers. A feeling that is reinforced by the presence in the two stories of familiar characters in the two authors' work - namely Pete Decker and Alex Delaware. Both authors play to their respective strengths, Faye Kellerman in the excellent and complex plotting style of her novels and Jonathan Kellerman in the strong psychological development of the characters. The book is neither author's best work but is nevertheless a highly enjoyable read and a worthy addition to the Kellerman collaboration

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