Katherine John

By Any Name

"The main story runs along at an exciting pace… totally riveting"


Elizabeth Santer works as a psychiatrist at a major hospital. One night a man is brought in who was caught running along a motorway. He is semi-naked and heavily blood stained. The blood isn't his and he can't remember a thing about himself. As Elizabeth tries to knock down the barriers that stop him from remembering, the Army is drafted in to take this man away for surveillance.

Suddenly, two armed guards outside the mystery man's room are shot and 'John' escapes. He takes Dr. Santer as a hostage and then it is a race for survival as the military goes all out to capture this mystery man. 'John' shows he is also a military man and is a master at avoiding his hunters. Who is this man? What happened that was so traumatic he has forgotten his own identity? Why are certain individuals determined to capture and kill this man? As the body count rises, the two fugitives race against time to save their lives.

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This is a paperback reprint from Accent Press of a novel written by the author in the mid-nineties. This novel has been updated so that it incorporates pertinent aspects of the world we live in today, especially about the threat of terrorism. Ms. John certainly knows her stuff about the security services and firearms. All the details are slotted into the story without the reader feeling they are being given gratuitous information. The main story runs along at an exciting pace and you can really feel the cold of the Brecon Beacons as the two runaways fight against the cold. My only concern was how much sleep Dr. Santer needed whilst on the run. Despite being tracked by professional soldiers, she seemed to manage hours of sleep at the drop of a hat wherever she was…! But that is a small point. I really enjoyed this book and found it totally riveting. Accent Press are publishing another three of Ms. John's previous novels alongside a new novella for the new Quick Reads series. We hope that Ms. John is, at this very moment, writing a brand new crime novel for our enjoyment. It is far overdue.

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