Kathy Reichs

Break No Bones

"..another excellent read from Kathy Reichs"


In the latest tale of Temperance Brennan she is in South Carolina on an archaeological field school looking at pre Colombian remains. On the second to last day a body is discovered which turns out to be considerably newer than expected on that site. The Coroner is an old friend of Tempe and asks her to help out because the resident forensic anthropologist is away in Iraq. The dead body turns out to have belonged to a private investigator and former cop who was on the trail of several missing persons.

Tempe's private life becomes complicated when ex husband Pete turns up at the house where she is staying, as he too has been offered a place to stay by their mutual friend, Anna. Pete is working on the accounts of a charitable organisation after doubts have been raised by the daughter of his client, a local businessman. This daughter is now also missing. The two investigations turn out to have much in common.

Ryan, Tempe's close friend and lover, also turns up and the relationship between the three of them is tense. Events focus in on a health clinic run for destitute people and the identity of the person who is threatening Tempe and injures Pete remains in doubt until the very last minute.

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As always, Kathy Reichs brings her wealth of knowledge on forensic anthropology to bear, giving authenticity to the story. This has to provide a solid base on which to construct the plot. The story moves along at a really good pace and keeps the reader's interest right up to the very last moment. Tempe Brennan's emotional life is complicated but continues to be believable and it certainly provides another strand of interest. I think the style of writing has changed a little over the years and is now more terse and colloquial, but this does reflect the development of the character of Tempe. This is another excellent read from Kathy Reichs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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