David Ellis

Breach of Trust

"...a mix of legal thriller, politics, murder and government corruption. "


Jason Kolarich is investigating the murder of Ernesto Ramirez, a key witness in a criminal case that he tried. Jason had been pushing him for information, but all he got was the guy's death on his conscience. Who murdered Ramirez, and why?

When the evidence leads to an obscure agency in state government, Jason is hood-winked into being a federal informant.

The feds are desperate to build their case against the government, but Jason has got his own agenda. Will he be an asset to their case, or will he prove to be a live wire?

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Ellis, and one of my favourite characters, Kolarich (Kola, like the drink and rich as in lots of money - just read the book!) return in a Breach of Trust, a mix of legal thriller, politics, murder and government corruption. With the huge disparity between UK and American politics it is sometimes hard to imagine the full extent of how and why people get so involved in the political side of things as it seems so much more intense in the States, and the sums of money needed to run for a political post are exorbitant, but it still made for an interesting read. Having Kolarich as the main protagonist with his 'devil-may-care' attitude makes him hard to dislike. I was expecting a twist to one of the plots but I think this was more down to my over expectations rather than the book failing to deliver. All in all this was an excellent read, despite the heavy involvement in politics (which has never been a favourite of mine) and a cast of thousands (which can be sure to confuse me!) – but still one not to be missed.

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