Jonathan Kellerman


""...a complicated murder plot that takes you through the highs and lows of LA society..." "


In Marshland outside Los Angeles, four women are found dead with no indication of how long they have been there. Most of the murdered women were prostitutes and have been hardly missed, but the fourth body is that of Selena Bass, a struggling classical pianist. Employed by the wealthy Vander family to tutor their prodigious son, Selena befriended family members and servants alike, but someone drew her into the twilight world of anonymous swingers' parties.

Psychologist, Alex Delaware, is asked by detective Milo Sturgis to help investigate the case. But progress is hampered by the marshland's protected status and by its keen guardian, Silford Duboff. However, the key to the mystery seems not to lie in the marshland but in the Vander's complicated family background, which takes the investigation to some of the seamiest areas of LA life.

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Any new book by Jonathan Kellerman is eagerly awaited and Bones does not disappoint. All of the usual elements are here; the affectionate relationship between Delaware and Sturgis, a complicated murder plot that takes you through the highs and lows of LA society and final restitution for the crimes. The setting of the murders in protected marshland gives the book a slightly rural feel, not usual in Kellerman's books, although it does lead the reader to the familiar territory of LA prostitution. My only issue would be that the plot was a little thin, without the usual array of suspects that I would expect in a classic Kellerman novel. This is a highly enjoyable read and I would recommend it to all readers.

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