Bones to Ashes

"… her writing is unsurpassed."


In this tenth book about Temperance Brennan the story is set largely in Quebec but begins in Tempe's childhood spent in Carolina and involves a friend who disappeared when aged fourteen. Tempe's relationship with Andrew Ryan is on hold as he tries to become a father to his newly discovered daughter, Lily. As this involves him getting together again with Lily's mother, who's separated husband, Pete, is asking for a divorce, Tempe is ready to throw herself into her work.

The discovery of an unidentified New Brunswick skeleton of a teenage girl provides the opportunity. In her mind Tempe links this skeleton with her childhood friend. Ryan is also busy investigating the deaths and disappearance of seven teenage girls. The story unfolds with a background of pornography and childhood prostitution.

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The authority and professional expertise that Kathy Reichs brings to her writing is unsurpassed. You know that when procedures and investigations are described, they are as authentic and true as you are likely to get. This represents for me the main attraction and enduring allure of Kathy Reichs' books. In addition the storyline is interesting and gripping, and the relationships that Tempe has with Ryan and her family all add a spice to the proceedings. I prefer her writings when they return to Quebec and Carolina, so this book is a very good example. The style of her prose has changed over time, and a few books ago I felt that it had become a little jerky and colloquial. I am pleased that this does not appear to be the case with this novel. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed this book.

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