Kathy Reichs

Bones In Her Pocket

"...punchy and direct."


In her laboratory Professor Temperance Brennan has a few unidentified leg bones that need to be investigated. When another suspicious find is made at a man-made lake north of Charlotte, the site of the discovery of the bones, she is immediately called out. This proves to be a more recent complete corpse and is identified as a grad student already reported missing, Edith Blankenship. Edith has been volunteering at the Carolina Raptor Centre, run by raptor enthusiast, Doris Kramer. There she met Herman Blount, an extreme eco warrior, also interested in the life of owls, which is Edith's graduation thesis.

Edith has been murdered and her body dumped. In her usual expert fashion, Kathy Reichs describes the forensic anthropology that Tempe Brennan employs to discover the true murderer. Along with this knowledge comes evidence of extreme animal cruelty. Discovery of this abuse is what led to Edith's death.

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This is a short story published as an e-book with all the characteristics of the full length big brother, but simpler. Here we find a good story line which engages the reader and moves quickly with some of the characters that populate Reich's novels, and above all the insider professional knowledge that makes the reader gasp. As a short story in e-format it is perfect for the long journey or the regular commute - engrossing but easily finished. The style remains punchy and direct. Sometimes this can be irritating but in this story it is fine as it suits the format. As a Reich's fan I really enjoyed this story and it definitely made my journey appear that much quicker.

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