Kathy Reichs

Bones Are Forever

"...to while away those winter evenings, this book definitely delivers"


Dr Temperance Brennan, forensic pathologist, is called in when the body of a newborn baby is found in an apartment in Montreal. When she arrives at the apartment she finds the remains of two other tiny babies. The woman who lived in the apartment has vanished and when police start looking for her they find a young woman who regularly changes her name and moves around. Brennan's erstwhile lover, Lieutenant-Detective Andrew Ryan, is also on this case, but is behaving in a very cool and distracted manner.

The trail leads to Edmonton and involves another of Brennan's past romantic encounters, this time a sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Finally the investigation ends up in Yellowstone, a town in the far north of Canada, where the young woman responsible for the death of the babies is herself found shot dead. Drugs, valuable land claims and greed all have a bearing on the way things turn out and Temperance Brennan is as usual dogged in searching out the truth.

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Kathy Reichs is an expert at both using her insider knowledge of the workings of a forensic pathology service and delivering a fast moving and gripping tale. 'Bones Are Forever' is another instalment in the Brennan series and is well up to the high standard we have come to expect from this author. I know that some of her recent books have not been enjoyed as much as the early novels, partly because the style had changed and become more frenetic. However, I hope to allay any fears as this book returns to the earlier style and makes for a much better and more entrancing read. My only niggle is the frequent reference to Brennan's i-phone – to me it seemed intrusive and unnecessary product placement. However, as an exciting book to while away those winter evenings, this book definitely delivers.

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