Jeff Abbott


"A highly addictive and gripping read"


The crash that killed him… Two years ago, Jane Norton crashed her car on a lonely road, killing her friend David and leaving her with amnesia. At first, everyone was sympathetic. Then they found Jane's note: “I wish we were dead together.”

A girl to blame… From that day, the town turned against her. But even now Jane is filled with questions: Why were they on that road? Why was she with David? Did she really want to die?

The secrets she should forget… Most of all, she must find out who has just written her an anonymous message: “I know what really happened. I know what you don't remember...'

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As pieces of Jane's memory starts to come back she begins to look into what really happened on the night of the crash, and find out why everyone had turned against her. With suspicions of friends and family not being completely honest with Jane, she is left to find out herself what she was doing the night of the crash and why someone was now out to cause trouble for her. There are plenty of suspects as to who could be covering up the truth, each with their own reasons and false leads to throw you off the scent. 'Blame' had quite a few main characters together with those on the side lines, who also added to the plot and story. Abbott always manages to write a thriller that even if it doesn't leave you completely guessing what happened, will certainly take you on a rollercoaster ride to find out if you were right or not. A highly addictive and gripping read.

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