Lisa Unger

Black Out

""...after reading just the first couple of pages I was well and truly hooked." "


On the surface, Annie Powers's life in a wealthy Floridian suburb is happy and idyllic. Her husband, Gray, loves her fiercely; and together they dote on their beautiful young daughter, Victory. But the bubble surrounding Annie is pricked when she senses that the demons of her past have resurfaced and, to her horror, are now creeping up on her.

These are demons she can't fully recall because of a highly dissociative state that allowed her to forget the tragic and violent episodes of her earlier life as Ophelia March and to start over, under the loving and protective eye of Gray, as Annie Powers. Disturbing events - the appearance of a familiar dark figure on the beach, the mysterious murder of her psychologist - trigger strange and confusing memories for Annie, who realizes she has to quickly piece them together before her past comes to claim her future and her daughter.

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On reading the synopsis I was in no great hurry to read Black Out but after reading just the first couple of pages I was well and truly hooked. This was my first reading of Unger's books and was certainly not disappointed. In fact, it has made me want to read her previous novels such was the great impression Black Out made on me. Despite this book having a slightly open ending with not every end tied off, I was still somehow not disappointed that the important questions had not been addressed and the remainder were left for the reader's imagination to solve. The book was set in various timeframes, and whilst in other novels I have found this to be confusing and off-putting, Unger has a fantastic writing style, which, when teamed with the brilliant storyline, couldn't fail to deliver a great read. This is not a book to be missed.

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