Alex Kava

Black Friday

""...a great read..." "


On the busiest shopping day of the year a number of idealistic students are about to carry out an eleborate media stunt which they believe will cause chaos at the checkouts. But the plan has gone terribly awry and instead, their backpacks are stuffed with explosives and poeple lie dead in the country's biggest mall.

A white collar group called Citizens of American Pride is accused of the massacre but insist it was the work of rogue members. Caught up in a political nightmare, battling a new interim director and mourning the death of her boss, A D Cunningham, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell must put her troubles aside to find out who is behind the attack.

Along with security expert Nick Morelli, Maggie follows the trail for answers until an anonymous tip revelas one of the students is her own brother, Patrick. Afraid and on the run, Patrick has to decide whether he can trust Maggie enough to help her unravel this horrifying nightmare.

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After reading the synopsis of Black Friday I was a little concerned that Kava had jumped on the bandwagon of authors writing about terrorists. However, despite this book being about a terrorist attack, it did not have any religious or real political connotations to it which to me made it more enjoyable. With some facts thrown into the novel and with history being unable to be rewritten, I did feel that Black Friday was left slightly open ended and I still had some questions that I would have like answered. I personally would have preferre no reference to previous events as Kava was then unable to fully explain motives etc. That said, it was still a great read that I was unable to put down. The lead character who - like the rest of us - has her faults and problems which is why it is so easy to empathise with her. A well-written book which I am hoping will be followed up so some of the loose ends can be tied up.

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