Vaseem Khan

Bad Day at the Vulture Club

"Another brilliant chapter in this highly engaging series."


The Parsees are one of the communities that make up India. Originally from Persia they follow the Zoroastrian religion and have over the centuries contributed greatly to the economic and commercial success of the city of Mumbai.

Chief Inspector Chopra (Retd.), now owner of The Baby Ganesh Detective Agency, has been asked to investigate the murder of Cyrus Zorabian, one of the Parsee community's most respected grandees, by his daughter. She is unhappy with the progress of the police.

Chopra finds himself mixing with the wealthy and elite of the city but finds that even here greed and the desire for power is rampant. The traditions held dear by the Parsee community are at risk both from the external progress of modern times and the machinations of those within.

Along with his extraordinary companion, Ganesh, the baby elephant, his trusty assistant, Rangwalla, and his wonderful wife, Poppy, Chopra follows his own honourable course investigating the death of Zorabian.

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Vaseem Khan writes with a light and easy style that belies the harsh truth about the country he describes. India is a many layered, complex society, riddled by corruption but also home to a wonderful history of beauty and civilisation. He addresses some of the problems in his writing and in this book he describes some of the off-beat solutions in a way that made me laugh out loud over and over again. The character of Chopra is wonderful, constantly surprising in his ability to cope with adversity. His wife Poppy is an absolute delight and her enthusiasms provide a little light relief from the darker problems of her husband. This is a deftly plotted detective story and enjoyable just on that level. The bonus for me is that in each of the books of the series I have found out more about India's past and present and have been reaching for Google to check out more information. Another brilliant chapter in this highly engaging series.

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