Peter Robinson

Bad Boy

"The beauty of Banks is that he is a very human creation.."


DCI Banks is on holiday when an old friend comes to the police station looking for his help. She has discovered a firearm in her daughter's bedroom. Annie Cabot sends round a team to investigate and things go very wrong. Tracy Banks is a flatmate of the daughter and gets involved with the girl's boyfriend, Jaff.

When Annie Cabot turns up at Banks's house to water the plants, she disturbs Tracy and the boyfriend, resulting in her ending up in hospital and Tracy and Jaff fleeing through the Yorkshire countryside. Banks returns to work to find a very dangerous situation indeed.

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This time Banks is confronted with some very personal and terrifying situations. As always, he is his own man, looking always to solve the crime in the most pragmatic and sensible way, with little time for those anxious to pursue their own advancement. This leads him into conflict with those anxious to make a good impression, but in the end his success at tying up the crimes leaves him in control. His personal life is very much to the forefront in this book as he has to confront his relationship with his daughter and with Annie Cabot, both of whom find themselves in great danger. The beauty of Banks is that he is a very human creation who deals with his problems in a very human and realistic way, not always in the most sensible and sensitive manner. He is a very rounded character, with his likes and dislikes, his good points and bad. The story is very exciting and the pace winds up right to the end. I look forward to each new Peter Robinson as I know I am in for a very good read, and this was no exception.

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