Ovidia Yu

Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials

""...an amusing and easily readable entertaining story. " "


Aunty Lee is a widow who runs a home cooking restaurant in Singapore. She loves providing the best of food for her clients and she loves involving herself in their business. She has acquired a reputation for solving their little problems. When hints of a scandal over illegal organ donations reach her, she immediately addresses her mind to the problem. She is very busy catering for an event run by Mabel and Henry Sung, two of the top drawer socialites of Singapore, so has to leave any investigation on hold. Events overtake her when Mabel and her very unpleasant son Leonard are found murdered. Being Aunty Lee, she starts making connections and soon she finds herself in great danger of upsetting some very nasty characters.

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This is a delightful wry look at people and the emotions that drive them on. As with Alexander McCall Smith's Mama Mswatse, Aunty Lee is a keen observer of human weakness and is very good at reading situations and using this skill to solve problems. Many of her brief character assessments and descriptions of the strictly controlled area of Singapore are very funny and there is a rich vein of humour underlying the serious hunt for the murderer. Completely up to date, with the modern threat of commercial exploitation of the supply of human organs for transplant driving the plot, this book happily marries the old and the new. This is an amusing and easily readable entertaining story. Definitely good holiday reading - particularly but not necessarily if you are in the Singapore region.

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