Vincent Ralph

Are You Watching?

""An interesting and different debut from an exciting new author.""


Ten years ago, Jess's mother was murdered by the Magpie Man.

She was the first of his victims but not the last.

Now Jess is the star of a YouTube reality series and she's using it to catch the killer once and for all.

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'Are You Watching?' is a book very much written for the times in which we live. Where ordinary people are catapulted to stardom, where they are famous for doing nothing and having no talent, where millions of people's lives are so uninteresting that watching someone else's life is more appealing. I really enjoyed 'Are You Watching?'. The idea of using a reality show was realistic, the characters were believable. In my opinion the book could have been condensed a little. I liked the way the author kept throwing suspects into the mix to keep the suspense until the end. The book is written from the perspective of 17 year-old Jess. 'Are You Watching?' is an easy read and would appeal to fans of thrillers both young and old. An interesting and different debut from an exciting new author.

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