LK Chapman

Anything For Him

""‘Anything for Him’ managed to tie off all loose ends but also leave the reader with a cliffhanger...""


Vulnerable and alone after the tragic loss of her parents Felicity finds herself in a relationship with volatile and troubled Jay.

Reluctantly drawn in to a twisted revenge plan against Jay's former best friend, Felicity soon becomes trapped, and as Jay turns increasingly controlling and abusive she questions everything he has told her about his past and his former girlfriend, Sammie. But when she wants to expose the truth she comes up against an even greater threat: Someone obsessed and dangerous. Someone who has always been in the background of Jay's life. Someone who will do anything for him.

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'Anything For Him' exposes the violence that can happen in a relationship and how the level of violence grows from a small push here and there to extreme levels of abuse. The book doesn't shy away from any aspects of abuse that can be present in a relationship. The timeline goes from present day Felicity and Jay, to back in time 11 years ago to when Jay was still at school and in a relationship with his ex, Sammie. Something happened when Jay was with Sammie, with Jay's old friend also being involved. As the story from the past unfolds, the level of violence increases in the present time. At times I found the levels of violence hard to read, mostly because it happens to so many people every day. Chapman has constructed each of the characters well, detailing all of their flaws and vulnerabilities. 'Anything for Him' managed to tie off all loose ends but also leave the reader with a cliffhanger as this is the first book in a trilogy so there is lots more to come and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

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