John Rector

Already Gone

"..I had got a lot more into the story than I had initially thought."


Jake Reese, a man with a violent past is now planning for a different future with his new wife Diane. However, this all changes when he is attacked in a car park one night which results in his ring finger being cut off and subsequently the disappearance of his wife.

From there, Jake spirals through a series of events that start to unwind the trail to his wife, whilst taking him back in time to pieces of his past he wants to forget and a conclusion he didn't see coming.

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Already Gone' is a thriller in a similar vein to Harlan Coben's 'Tell No One' albeit a simpler and faster paced version. Whilst 'Already Gone' doesn't have the complexities of the book it has been compared to and the plot is looser, it is fast paced, dark and does keep you turning the pages. The thriller style suits the characters, who are well rounded and in the main felt realistic. I did enjoy the book, although I found the central character Jake annoying in the way that he had a habit (in my opinion) of blundering his way through the various scenarios without listening to those trying to help him. By the end I felt I really wanted to talk to him about his choices, which told me I had got a lot more into the story than I had initially thought. Overall, this is a good read for thriller fans and worth the read.

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