Peter Robinson

All the Colours of Darkness

".. an elegant cliff-hanger of a story"


Back in the Yorkshire Dales the body of a set designer from the local theatre is found hanging from a tree in a local beauty spot. Although there seems no apparent reason for Mark Hardcastle to kill himself, suicide seems to be the obvious solution. DI Annie Cabbot takes charge as DCI Alan Banks is away in London with the new love of his life, Sophia. However, when the body of Laurence Silbert is discovered in an exclusive residential area, the Chief Constable is interested and DCI Banks is called away from his enjoyable weekend.

The easy way to solve the two deaths is to think murder followed by the suicide of the murderer, but Banks follows his instincts and unravels a more subtle and complicated solution. Added to this the involvement of MI6 and a number of the great and the good all make for an elegant cliff-hanger of a story.

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This is yet another totally enthralling tale from Peter Robinson. Banks' love life continues to be beset by difficulties, largely caused by his dedication to the job. He continues his pursuit of the truth, despite obstacles put in his way by the establishment, and all the while is portrayed as a humane, intelligent and cultured man. The detailed descriptions of the characters make the story truly come alive and the plot is - as always - well constructed and pacy to the end. I think that the great appeal of Chief Inspector Banks is that he is highly competent and successful without being too perfect. He is interesting and sympathetic, yet can achieve results because of his passion for his job. In short, Banks is a hero to whom we can all aspire.

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