Alafair Burke

All Day and a Night

"...Alafair Burke does not disappoint with her latest. "


Another case for NYPD detectives Ellie Hatcher and her partner, sharp dresser JJ Rogan, sees them assigned as the 'Fresh Look' team investigating the case against prisoner Anthony Amaro currently serving time for a series of brutal murders.

The reason for this new look is that another murder has occurred employing similar methods not released to the general public. Perhaps the real killer is still out there. Neither partner is thrilled with this assignment, particularly as it has been put their way by Ellie's boyfriend, Assistant District Attorney Max Donovan. Ellie is still adjusting to moving in with Max and is wary when their professional lives intertwine.

Not happy with questioning the actions of fellow officers, the pair reluctantly search the past to find the truth. Against them they have the defence lawyer for Amaro. This lady is one ambitious and ruthless woman, not shy of taking a few shady shortcuts. She has also employed the half-sister of one of the early victims, one Carrie Blank. Her connections in the past are at the root of the investigation and the solution comes when these are revealed.

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Always delivering a rattling good yarn, Alafair Burke does not disappoint with her latest. Fast moving, setting a pace in keeping with New York where it is based, this story keeps you on tenterhooks until the end. The language is gritty, vivid and gripping. Alafair Burke's legal background ensures that not only the police details are correct but that little quirks of procedure not known to many are included. The subtle and not so subtle interactions between the characters are beautifully handled. Written from a woman's point of view, the book portrays the female characters in a well-rounded form. They are real people struggling with the power play in getting on in their careers whilst developing their personal lives. Alafair Burke is also sympathetic to her male characters and both Ellie's partner JJ and her boyfriend, Max are both portrayed as genuine likeable individuals. I greatly enjoyed this book and will look out for upcoming cases in this series.

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