M.C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death/Vicious Vet

"Penelope Keith is wonderful as Agatha Raisin"


Agatha Raisin is newly arrived at the beautiful village of Carsely after having sold her PR company back in London. To mingle with the locals, Agatha decides to enter the local quiche making contest. Unfortunately, Agatha cannot cook and her only kitchen appliance is her microwave! So the quiche has to be shop bought. Not only does Agatha get found out but her shop bought quiche is the actual murder weapon of the judge!

Agatha's next adventure includes the debonair new vet who has moved to Carsely. It seems that he has captured the heart and imagination of many mature women from the surrounding villages, Agatha included. It is only upon his untimely demise that Agatha begins to find out a few unfavourable things about the man who she had thought captured her heart!

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This is the BBC audio CD of the Agatha Raisin full cast drama series featuring Penelope Keith and a marvellous cast who all seem to get stuck in to the easy plot and witty asides. Naturally, there has been a lot of editing but this can be easily forgiven as the plot is exactly as it is in the books. Penelope Keith is wonderful as Agatha Raisin and brings her alive with her usual flair - along with some very pithy remarks. Everyone seems to be having fun and the dramatic pace is quite infectious and makes you feel very good about the world once again. These small pieces would be perfect for listening to whilst in the garden or perhaps on holiday abroad. The third and fourth books have also been dramatised and so The Potted Gardener and The Walkers of Dembley (which is one of my favourite Agatha novels) are also available in a double CD set as well. Enjoy!

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