M.C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor

"another hilarious Agatha Raisin jewel that literally makes you laugh out loud."


Agatha Raisin has once again been persuaded by her amour, James Lacey, to go on a 'holiday of a lifetime'. Packing her bags with all kinds of indiscreet, diaphanous garments, Agatha dreams of sunning herself on sandy beaches, blue sea and clear skies - with her man, James, next to her. Then reality steps in. James has taken Agatha to an old childhood haunt called Snoth-on-Sea. Soon Agatha is swapping her swimsuit for wellington boots as the rain constantly lashes down on the faded seaside resort and the sea continues to pound the seafront which threatens to fall into the sea at any given moment.

Soon, Agatha is embroiled in another murder – this time of a woman Agatha has previously had a shouting match with in the dining room. Agatha is a prime suspect and she is determined to clear her name. As Agatha digs deeper, she soon finds that the victim was not an innocent and in the process turns the spotlight onto an older crime. As more murders occur and Agatha herself becomes the target of an assassin, it is a race to find out the real culprit of these heinous crimes...

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This is another hilarious Agatha Raisin jewel that literally makes you laugh out loud. The plot weaves its way precariously and perilously, just like Agatha, with just a dash of humour to make her seem wonderfully human. Of course, the usual banter between Agatha and her now ex-husband, James, is evident and provides much entertainment between these two great characters. There is a wonderful moment, just after an argument, when James is drenched by a wave over the sea wall. Agatha's response to this is just perfect comic timing. The Agatha Raisin series is now a unique body of work. They are like a series of small watercolours which, when shown together, create a masterpiece. The Raisin series has been published over in the USA for some years and it is only now that, through her publishers, Constable, this author is given the British audience she truly deserves. We can only thank our stars that we have the pleasure of Agatha Raisin and her motely crew - and laugh as they plough their way like a runaway steamroller, through another investigation. I can't think of anything more pleasurable than to read of Agatha's exploits whilst digesting those Christmas brussel sprouts!

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