A Window Breaks

""...a fast paced and exciting read. " "


You are asleep. A noise wakes you. You stir, unsure why, and turn to your partner. Then you hear it. Glass. Crunching underfoot. Your worst fears are about to be realized. Someone is inside your home. Your choices are limited. You can run. Or stay and fight. What would you do?

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Tom's marriage to Rachel is on the rocks following the death of their son, Michael. They are offered some time together at the lodge of Tom's boss, Lionel, so they can work on their marriage. The lodge is set in a beautiful location in a remote part of Scotland, perfect for the family to recover from their recent trauma. But on the first night they are woken by someone breaking in, and Tom knows he needs to keep his family safe. This is normally my favourite type of plot; ordinary person takes on someone or something bigger than them, and using just their wits and whatever they find to hand, manage to overcome adversity. In theory a great idea for a plot, but in reality, Tom was way too indecisive and terrified. I get that the author wanted to make the character as realistic as possible and that most people would be scared in this situation, but I needed a hero, someone to root for, and Tom had me shouting at him rather than for him. The plot, whilst perhaps a little far-fetched, was easy to get into. Based mostly around the events of the night of the break-in, the story also flits back to the story surrounding Michael's death. The events on the night seemed a little too drawn out and I think maybe some editing was needed to make this story even tighter. This left me rushing through the pages to get to the pertinent parts that I needed. Despite all my criticisms, I did really enjoy this book and read it in a day. 'A Window Breaks' is a fast paced and exciting read. Like an action film, there are no major revelations or things that you didn't see coming, but still a gripping good read.

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