Martin Walker

A Shooting at Chateau Rock

""I pick up the latest Bruno, Chief of Police, story with great glee as it is my go-to comfort read.""


An elderly farmer dies of a heart attack and is not discovered in his farmhouse for several days. After the funeral his two children discover that the farm has been sold to purchase an insurance policy which will allow the farmer to spend his retirement years in a luxury retirement home. The children are suspicious as their father has not discussed this with them and has died suddenly at a convenient time for the insurance company. The son comes to Bruno Courreges, Chief of police in St Denis, a town in the middle of the picturesque area of the Dordogne in rural France. Bruno initially thinks that this is a civil matter and not one for the police until he discovers that there are links to a Russian oligarch whose activities have aroused the interest of the police already.

When the daughter of this oligarch turns up as the girlfriend of the son of the British rock star owner of the local chateau things get more complicated.

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I pick up the latest Bruno, Chief of Police, story with great glee as it is my go-to comfort read. Particularly in these times when venturing far from home is discouraged, to sit down with a glass of preferably French wine and transport myself to the beautiful Dordogne and the amazing culinary delights that Bruno and his friends serve up is the ultimate escapism. And there are of course the intricate and intriguing plots with the wonderful characters, mainly French but with a few foreigners thrown in that moves the action along so quickly. If you haven't yet met Chief Bruno I really recommend you start now, particularly if you are a Francophile or just a foodie. Perfect escapism!

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