Gary Dolman

A Satyr’s Dance

"...a compelling read that will educate and entertain in equal measure."


Harrogate, 1892, and a series of bizarre attacks coincide with the arrival of a freak show in the town. This contains just a single exhibit: a creature declared to be Charles Darwin's long sought-for but hitherto undiscovered Missing Link between mankind and the great apes of Africa.

Atticus and Lucie Fox investigate and uncover an ancient wisdom, which concerns nothing less than the fall of the Divine and the final ascent of man.

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'A Satyr's Dance' is a fantastically researched novel that has been written with verve and humanity in equal measure. From first page to last, the reader is carried along on a wave of delicately crafted prose. Both Atticus and Lucie Fox are well drawn and engender the right emotions at the right time. As for the other characters, they were all created with a perfunctory skill, but never shone the way the Foxes did. The plot was intricate with just the right amount of revelations to keep the reader guessing and the way it encompassed so many details, speaks of the author's attention to detail when plotting and researching this novel. All in all, 'The Satyr's Dance' is a compelling read that will educate and entertain in equal measure.

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