A Noble Killing

""Inspector Ikmen continues to be an outstanding detective and admirable hero." "


A young girl is found burnt to death in an Istanbul apartment. At first sight it appears to be a suicide, but it is not long before Inspector Cetin Ikmen believes that it is more sinister than that. He believes that the girl's own family, or possibly a secret boyfriend, are involved. Nothing is clear, however , as the family have an alibi. Two young boys, talented musicians, are somehow implicated and when their music teacher is brutally murdered, the trail leads to a possible sinister plot and organised crime.

Inspector Mehmet Suleyman, Cetin's colleague, is distracted by an extra-marital passion with a gypsy dancer. It is on all levels dangerous and unsuitable, but Suleyman is totally consumed by the liaison. His judgement is impaired and leads the investigation in the wrong direction. Danger is on all sides and threatens the police themselves.

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Barbara Nadel's sympathetic description of Istanbul as it is developing in the present day continues to be absolutely fascinating. The influx of the country people with their very different religious perspective and the reactions of the existing cosmopolitan population of this vibrant city is totally absorbing. It has ramifications everywhere, but it reads as a knowledgeable account from one who loves the place. Inspector Ikmen continues to be an outstanding detective and admirable hero. He is honest, conscientious and caring about those who are victims of the crimes he investigates. In this book, his colleague and completely opposite character, Suleyman, is going through a very difficult patch. Ikmen finds it difficult to understand, but is always sympathetic and supportive of his friend. The development of the characters' lives from each book is always convincing and adds to the enjoyment of the story. The various strands of the plot are carefully interwoven and culminate in an extremely satisfying ending.

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