Elizabeth Edmundson

A Man of Some Repute

"Perfect for a summer’s afternoon read in the garden."


It is 1953, not too long since the war ended, and intelligence officer Hugo Hawksworth has been sent to sleepy Selchester for an apparently quiet and boring assignment. He is billeted in Selchester Castle which was the site of the mysterious disappearance of the Earl seven years previously. The castle is being looked after by the earl's niece, Freya Wryton with the help of one or two long serving servants.

When a skeleton is discovered under the flagstones of the Old Chapel, old suspicions and new are rife. Hugo's old profession definitely has a finger in the pie and it takes some spirited investigation from Hugo and Freya to discover the truth.

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This is a delightfully old fashioned and satisfying tale. Set in a small country town in the era when class is still a significant player, the lives of the characters are a definite throwback to the Golden Age of crime fiction. The plot is well constructed and manages to come to an agreeable ending, whilst leaving us with a curiosity about what will happen to the characters, which is perfect if this is to be the first of a series. The main leads are engaging and I was reminded of Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, again a reflection of older times. I did enjoy this book and I know that out there is an audience who love this more gentle approach to the violence of the crime genre. Perfect for a summer's afternoon read in the garden.

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