Steven Dunne

A Killing Moon

"..several interconnecting strands which kept me firmly glued to this book."


Caitlin Kinnear, a student at Derby University, disappears after a night of celebration in a local pub. Detective Inspector Damon Brook is on the case and suspects that it is in some way connected to several missing young girls who have been highlighted by Interpol. It is difficult to tell if these girls are really missing or whether they have just slipped under the radar as they travel around.

As he delves further, Brook suspects that there may be several common factors in the girl's lives and as he narrows down the single most important factor he discovers a horrific and brutal truth.

Migrant labour, insanity masquerading under the guise of religious fervour, family loyalties and responsibilities are all explored before the final exciting denouement.

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Sometimes it is refreshing to begin a book and realise that it is a straightforward detective story with a crime, detectives and a solution. 'A Killing Moon' is one of these. Having said that, 'A Killing Moon' has an original slant on the plot with several interconnecting strands which kept me firmly glued to this book. DI Damon Brook is not a straightforward copper but one who has his own demons from the past that influence both his actions and the opinions of his colleagues. He is a deep thinker who is open to all possibilities. He is definitely a conflicted character and I enjoyed the way Dunne reveals a little about his character and history slowly as the book goes on. I also appreciated the view of modern Britain that this book presents. It looks at some of the current issues within the framework of a detective novel and this outlook provides an interesting twist to the story. This was the first of Dunne's books I have read, but I shall definitely be looking out for his next book, as well as going back to Dunne's previous ones. Definitely highly recommended.

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