Michael Jecks

A Friar’s Bloodfeud

"...this highly accomplished novel."


The story is set in March 1324 in the West Country. Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend the bailiff, Simon Puttock, hurry to Iddesleigh when they hear of the attack on the home and family of Hugh Shepherd, Simon's servant.

Sir Baldwin is Keeper of the King's Peace and is anxious to find out who is responsible for the attack on Hugh's cottage. He becomes involved in the conflict between two local landowners when he learns of more violent deaths and disappearances. He brings along with him his much loved wife and her much less liked servant. Developments on that front prove to be satisfactory.

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Long time readers of Michael Jeck's Templar series will know exactly what to expect. Expert knowledge of place and of medieval times, together with intricate plotting and excellent characterisation. All this is here again in this highly accomplished novel. As well as appreciating the fast moving story line and the insights on life in villages in the fourteenth century, I really enjoyed reading the development in the family affairs of Sir Baldwin - and cringed whilst observing the behaviour of Emma, his wife's maid.

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