Stav Sherez

A Dark Redemption

"A Dark Redemption’ is classy, captivating and worth every penny I’m about to urge you to spend on it."


In the first of a new series, DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller investigate the brutal rape and murder of a young Ugandan student. Plunged into an underworld of illegal immigrant communities, they discover that the murdered girl's studies at a London College may have threatened to reveal things that some people will go to any lengths to keep secret.

‘A Dark Redemption’ explores a sinister case that will force DI Carrigan to face up to his past and DS Miller to confront what path she wants her future to follow.

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This is Stav Sherez’s first venture into the police procedural and he’s taken to it like the proverbial duck to water, but with, I would suggest, a good deal more grace. An intelligent writer, Stav is too good to fall into the trap that many do in this sub-genre, i.e. making it all about the puzzle. Carrigan is nicely delineated as your archetypal, loner detective with a disturbed past and a determination to get the job done that gets him in his boss’ bad books. The shadows that seem to follow him everywhere add to his intrigue, making him a hugely sympathetic character. Sherez skilfully and gradually reveals fascinating details of his past that explain just why he is the way he is. Then there is the added complication that his new partner, Miller has been brought on board to discredit him. The flavours that Sherez adds to the novel are many and varied with his keen observations about his characters’ interactions, a side of London you rarely see in crime fiction and an African history that Carrigan is desperate to forget. All of this has a ring of authenticity that draws you in and holds your attention captive throughout. Meanwhile, proving that he can plot with the best of them, Sherez adds a twist at the end that will have you shivering. ‘A Dark Redemption’ is classy, captivating and worth every penny I’m about to urge you to spend on it.

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