Kathy Reichs

A Conspiracy of Bones

"..good to catch up with a few of the old favourite characters..."


Temperance Brennan is not in a good place. She is recovering from surgery to deal with an aneurysm, she is still in shock after the murder of her old boss, Larabee, she definitely has huge issues with her new boss who is all about her own self- aggrandisement, and her ongoing relationship with Ryan is moving forward but to where? Her new boss, Dr Margot Heavner is closely allied with Nick Body, a leading internet figure advocating no vaccination of children.

Brennan is sent photographs of a mutilated body but with no names of either victim or sender, She decides to follow these up with the help of retired cop Slider who is now working on cold cases. Without the backup of her department and consequent scientific information she is forced to rely on the help of friends. This is definitely a risky adventure as it could all backfire on her and her friends. When the disappearance of small children is also thrown into the mix Brennan's determination to nail the perpetrators is solidified.

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I haven't read Kathy Reich's books for a while as I was finding them too similar. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Temperance Brennan has developed as a character with more of the doubts and insecurities of real people. She still has the indomitable spirit and determination needed to track down the villains despite working against unfavourable odds. I also enjoyed the writing style more as it seemed more considered and not so fast and furious as before. The same wonderful plots and unarguable knowledge of the technical side of the investigations continue to entrance. You know that you are receiving the latest information on the incredibly complicated world of forensic investigation. It was good to catch up with a few of the old favourite characters - Slider was reassuringly familiar if trying hard to be a reformed character. I enjoyed my re-introduction to Reich's characters and feel the author is back on track with this series. Let's hope we can continue to experience life with Temperance Brennan.

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