A Capitol Death

"Another Roman treat from Davis."


Flavia Alba's latest commission involves a body discovered at the foot of the Capitoline Hill in Rome. It turns out to be an official involved in the preparations for Emperor Domitian's upcoming Triumph. All Rome is engrossed in making sure that the event is successful and spectacular, and no-one is prioritising the search for a possible killer. Much easier to call it suicide. But Flavia Alba is never one for the easy option and starts to delve deeper into the case. She finds that the victim was a very unpleasant individual, unloved by many and mourned by few. As she teases out some of the scams with which he is involved and talks to those preparing for the grand Triumph of Caesar, she begins to see the truth. As always, the nearer she gets to this, the more danger she places herself in, culminating in a free for all whilst the Triumph is proceeding.

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There are certain things that are given when starting a new novel by Lindsey Davis: her knowledge of setting and mores of imperial Rome at this period is superb; her characters are appealing and amusing; there is action and intrigue aplenty. This one is no exception. The familiar cast of characters is there and her much loved family put in several cameo appearances, very entertaining for those of us who loved Marcus Didius Falco. But Flavia Alba is a woman of forceful opinions in her own right, even if a little of the laconic speech and throwaway lines of her father show through. There is a definite style to Flavia Alba, a feisty woman with a great sense of humour. Another Roman treat from Davis.

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