Ann Cleeves

The Rising Tide

"another triumph for Ann Cleeves."


Lindisfarne is the setting for this latest of Vera Stanhope’s investigations. Fifty years ago a young English teacher took a group of her Lower sixth to spend a weekend on Holy Island and get to know each other. The gathering had such a profound effect on the group that they agreed to a reunion. At this first reunion one young woman died, caught by the rising tide as she left the island in a hurry. Every five years thereafter the group met up on the island to remember her and cement the bonds between the members of the group.

At the latest reunion, one of the group is found dead, apparently a suicide. When it is discovered to be a murder, Vera and her team set out to hunt down the killer.

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Ann Cleeves has two talents that make her stand out from many of her fellows. She is able to describe the atmosphere and surroundings of her crime scene with vividness and clarity. Holy island is a beautiful and spiritual place and this is evident throughout the book. Her empathy with and awareness of the characters she is describing draws the reader in to the story. The group of people on the retreat come alive. And, of course, there is always Vera herself and her colleagues. Put together with an intriguing plot, ‘The Rising Tide’ is another triumph for Ann Cleeves.

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