Kathy Reichs

206 Bones

"..returns to the excitement and originality of Reich's first stories. "


This latest novel about Tempe Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist extraordinaire, begins with a bang as she is imprisoned in a small claustrophobic space and is struggling both to escape and to remember how she found herself there. The story then backtracks to trace her journey to the nightmare imprisonment. Someone accuses her of professional malpractice and then is found dead before she can confront him. Further examples of apparent sloppiness and mistakes in her work are found and Tempe Brennan finds herself in a very difficult position. A series of deaths of elderly women convinces Brennan that there is a killer around who targets the old and vulnerable and who may be willing to kill again to prevent discovery.

Put together with an unscrupulous and highly ambitious colleague, this threat leaves Brennan in a very dangerous situation. Her connection with Andrew Ryan continues on a purely professional basis, but the old magic is still there should Brennan be prepared to allow it.

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This book returns to the excitement and originality of Reich's first stories. From the very beginning the reader's interest is immediately engaged and intrigued by the development of the plot. Tempe's professional expertise reflects Kathy Reich's knowledge and experience and gives a unique insight into the world of Forensic Anthropology and all the other associated erudite disciplines. Tempe's life outside work is limited but vividly described as in her relationships with her ex-husband's family. Andrew Ryan remains a constant support and the relationship with Tempe continues on its rollercoaster ride. The writing was much smoother than some of the recent books and I personally prefer it when Tempe's voice is less trendy.

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