Celia Fremlin

Celia Fremlin (1914–2009) was born in Kent and spent her childhood in Hertfordshire, before studying at Oxford (whilst working as a charwoman). During World War Two, she served as an air-raid warden before becoming involved with the Mass Observation Project, collaborating on a study of women workers, War Factory. In 1942 she married Elia Goller, moved to Hampstead and had three children. In 1968, their youngest daughter committed suicide aged 19; a month later, her husband also killed himself. In the wake of these tragedies, Fremlin briefly relocated to Geneva. In 1985, she married Leslie Minchin, with whom she lived until his death in 1999. Over four decades, Fremlin wrote sixteen celebrated novels - including the classic summer holiday mystery Uncle Paul (1959) - one book of poetry and three story collections. Her debut The Hours Before Dawn won the Edgar Award in 1960.

Other Books By This Author

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  • The Hours Before Dawn

  • Uncle Paul

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  • Prisoner’s Base

  • Don’t Go To Sleep In The Dark

  • The Troublemakers

  • The Jealous One


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