Top 10 of 2007

1. Ariana Franklin - Mistress of the Art of Death
Bantam £12.99

"A brilliant blend of superbly stylish writing, crime, history and stunning characters. We simply loved it... Our standout #1 of 2007."

2. What Will Survive - Joan Smith
Arcadia £15.99

"Eloquent, literary and haunting. "Paradoxically, the story itself continues to become more complicated the more it unravels..." CRIMESQUAD.COM"

3. Silence - Thomas Perry
Quercus £12.99

"Our reviewer said; "A welcome change from the usual ending of everything being placed 'neatly in a box.' ..." Intriguing."

4. End Games - Michael Dibdin
Faber and Faber £12.99

"Following the death of Michael Didbin, this is sadly the last outing for Aurelio Zen. But it is an excellent finale."

5. The Singer - Cathi Unsworth
Serpents Tail £10.99

"Turbo-charged stuff... "… the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll meets punk-noir crime novel ever!" CRIMESQUAD.COM Super-sexy, super-stylish... and truly superstar writing! Retro-themed - but very 'now'."

6. The Intruders - Michael Marshall
Harper Collins £12.99

"What initially starts as a missing persons mystery soon transcends the crime genre to become a thriller/science-fiction hybrid. Fabulous writing from Michael Marshall."

7. Season of the Witch - Natasha Mostert
Bantam £12.99

""Not only does a murder seem to have taken place, but with the enticing promise of witchcraft combined with a spot of mind reading and a dash of the gothic, it was simply irresistable." CRIMESQUAD.COM Stylish and very classy stuff..."

8. The Riverman - Alex Gray
Sphere £10.99

"Complex, gritty and gripping stuff... Our reviewers all wanted to read it!"

9. Killer Tune - Dreda Say Mitchell
Hodder & Stoughton £11.99

"We keep coming back to this genre-busting book as one of the ones that will be remembered from 2007... Achingly, hip, cool and all the other 'street' superlatives you can muster, it's a work of pure genius!"

10. The Gilded Seal - James Twining
Harper Collins £12.99

"In a good year for thrillers, this came out as our #1 favourite... "...what makes this thriller stand out from the crowd, aside from the stroke-of-genius link with one of the world’s most famous art icons, is its truly outstanding use of language. The writing is often breathtaking." CRIMESQUAD.COM"