Top 10 Crime Reads for Christmas 2007

1. Ian Rankin - Exit Music
Orion £18.99

"CRIMESQUAD.COM described it as the book that all Rebus fans have been dreading for years… A must-read for any serious crime fan."

2. Martina Cole - Faces
Headline £18.99

"Martina Cole on stonking, classic form... Everything her many fans will expect - and more!"

3. Agatha Christie - An English Mystery. - Laura Thompson
Review £20

"The only non-fiction book on our 2007 list. Quite simply, it's an essential read for Christie fans - and crime afficionados everywhere."

4. Sepulchre - Kate Mosse
Orion £18.99

"The eagerly awaited follow up from the bestseller author of Labyrinth. Perfect for January, long-winter-evening reading!"

5. Dead Heat - Dick Francis
Michael Joseph Ltd £18.99

"Dick Francis is on many Christmas lists... and justly so. Right on form."

6. The Chameleon's Shadow - Minette Walters
Macmillan £17.99

"Dark, disturbing and hypnotic as ever. "

7. Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye - M.C. Beaton
Constable and Robinson £18.99

"The irrepressible Agatha Raisin returns in a "festive" tale...?"

8. The Ghost - Robert Harris
Hutchinson £18.99

"Not your traditional Christmas "ghost story", but the tale of a ghost writer... gripping!"

9. The Gilded Seal - James Twining
Harper Collins £12.99

"If you haven't discovered James Twining yet - this is the book to do it! A gripping, well-written thriller based on the theft of the world's most famous picture."

10. Killer Tune - Dreda Say Mitchell
Hodder & Stoughton £11.99

"Our hot-tip for stardom from 2007. This is sassy, original, urban stuff... and extremely well-written. One to try, and certainly one to watch..."