Top Ten 2015

1. The Wrong Girl - Laura Wilson
Quercus £19.99

"I loved this book. The characterisation was spot on, it was dramatic and gripping and held my attention until the very last page. Six months later, I can still vividly recall the people who populated Wilson’s latest novel. This is seriously good stuff – and shows Wilson changing up a gear in her writing."

2. Snowblind - Ragnar Jónasson
Orenda Books £8.99

"This was the first of Ragnar's novels to be translated into English and the first in the Dark Iceland series. Ragnar's prose is taut and precise. He uses his setting like an individual character and the stark Icelandic landscape make this series utterly enjoyable, dark, and compulsive reading."

3. The Ice Twins - S.K. Tremayne
Harper £7.99

"The Ice Twins This is a very cleverly written book and even though there was a lot of misleading by the author, it was extremely well done and only added to the suspense and enjoyment. A good twist at the end makes ‘The Ice Twins’ one of those books that you will spend time thinking about once you have finished it. This was a great read that was absorbing and chilling in equal measures. Certainly a book I will be recommending!"

4. Crime Writer's Guide Police Practice and Procedur - Michael O'Byrne.
Robert Hale £10.99

"Many of us who read crime have a desire to write it as well. There are many books out there - good, bad and appalling - which offer advice on putting words on paper. But with one crime writing genre - the police procedural - you also need to know how the police handle murder cases. This excellent book tells you just that. It's the second, updated edition of a book first published in 2009, and not only does it keep you right, it's a cracking read."

5. The Seeker - S G MacClean
Quercus £13.99

"There are many books about the Tudors, and also of the Stuarts, but I have not read many about Cromwell and this proved a fount of information about the ruler and his family. The intricate plotting involving the political and family rivalries is superb and a must-read for all those who love their crime steeped in History."

6. Without the Moon - Cathi Unsworth
Serpent's Tail £11.99

"What Unsworth does superbly is give a wonderful sense of place. Her wartime novel is imbued with the darkness of the blacked-out London streets, the desperation of those who turn to extremes to raise small sums of money to survive whilst trying not to die by the Luftwaffe bombs. Based on two real cases in 1942 over a two week period in a cold February, Unsworth brings to life a city under siege from the Nazis – and that is not the only killer some have to avoid."

7. The Ghosts of Altona - Craig Russell
Quercus £7.99

"This was awarded the Crime Book of the Year and when you read it you can understand why. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes intriguing novels written with verve and understanding."

8. The Cartel - Don Winslow
William Heinemann £18.99

"‘The Cartel’ is no dry polemic but an engaging, consuming thrill ride that makes you think and feel and fear. It’s clear that the author cares deeply about the mess this part of the world is in. His anger and frustration fuel the narrative, pull you in and make you care every bit as much. This is an important book. It deserves your attention."

9. The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
Doubleday £12.99

"We knew when we were one of the first to highlight Paula Hawkins and her debut on back in January that we had read something special and wanted to share it with the world! Then we sat back and watched it become a huge bestseller. This is the joy of discovering new authors we love and know people will enjoy. This is an impressive and strong crime debut that will chill and thrill in equal measure."

10. Dark Corners - Ruth Rendell
Hutchinson £18.99

"I know this is not classed as Rendell’s finest (in my opinion even not at her best, Rendell still produced something extremely original). Rendell is and always will remain a huge influence on the crime fiction genre – and my favourite crime writer of all time. So, forgive me if I allow my heart to rule my head for once and put her last book ever on the Top Ten purely for sentimental reasons. Rendell will be sorely missed."